Friday, 27 May 2016 12:02

Weight Training with Cardio

Finally, there is the question of weight training. Weight training is something that many people who start to run think about doing. Right now, since you are just starting out, you shouldn’t worry so much about weight training, but this chapter will talk about the benefits, and some things that you can do.

The first thing is the benefits of this. Now weight training is very important for the body. In truth, many times runners who don’t weight train end up hurting themselves. Weight training is something that you do need in order to improve one thing in the body that is essential: muscle strength. Runners who don’t weight train suffer from weak joints, weak muscles, and it causes an imbalance, which can lead to injuries.

This doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym and start to life weights 24/7. That’s not the case with this. What you want to do, is balance out the muscle definition with the cardio, because to have the best body you can, you need both.

For some people, this can also help with the core. Your core is very important, because if you have an efficient one, you’ll run well. It will also improve your stamina and strength as well, and coupling that with weight training can be great.

Some of the things you can do to help improve your strength are simple really. Planks, sit-ups, pushups, squats, and the like are good starts if you don’t have equipment. Do some of these each day, and from there, work your way up in strength to weight training.

With weight training, you can get your own set of dumbbells, or even go to the gym. You should work on doing some bicep curls; some practice with the strides to improve movement, and you should also work on improving your leg strength with squats. Using this with cardio will help you improve the strength of your body and make it better.

If you can, go to the gym. Memberships don’t cost that much, and there is an array of equipment there. Weight training is important with cardio, and if you decide to be serious about running and go further, weight training is an element that will help you. Not only will it improve leg strength, it will help with your form too, which is very important.

Even if you don’t want to start off with all of that, there is something small you can use to help you get started. Leg weights are little weights that attach to your legs. Use them while running to give you a bigger challenge. They can be a bit hard on your body at first but over time, you will have a much better experience from that, and soon, you’ll be able to have an even better, stronger body, and you will be able to maintain a faster stride that works for you.

When you feel ready, incorporate weight training into your routines. It can be the best thing for you, and it can be something that will help you get much better over time, and it can make your dreams of being a better runner become a reality.


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