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The Benefits of Running

Now, there are a lot of benefits to running that are of note. For some people, they don’t realize just what it can do. This chapter will go over some of the major benefits of running, and why running is one of the best activities to start with.


Lose Weight Fast

For many people, they start running because they want to lose weight. It’s a good activity to get into, because running burns a lot of calories. In a run, you can burn about 300 calories at a normal pace, sometimes even more. You can also build up muscle with this, which is something that many people want to have but they don’t. Muscle burns a lot more tan fat, so you’ll be losing more weight if you add running to this.

A good diet does help you lose weight, but running will further help with this, and it does give you muscle. It will allow you to really have a much better time, and in general, it can be something that you can use to help with the trouble areas. You can help get rid of some of the fat on your body with this, and it does work.


Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can lead to many things you don’t want to have, such as strokes, heart disease, and other afflictions. High blood pressure is something older individuals suffer from, and while diet is a very crucial element to this, running does lower it. If you run, it helps improve the cardiovascular system, which in turn will help make it more efficient. A more efficient cardiovascular system will help lower the blood pressure, and it can also help to loosen the plaque around your arteries if you have any. If you have high blood pressure, this can be a great thing for you.


Beat Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in America today. The diets we have, the lack of exercise we engage in, and all of these things are what attribute to cardiovascular issues. Heart disease can kill you, and if you’re not careful it can creep up on you. Your cardiovascular system is something you should keep strong, and that’s what running will do for you.

Your heart will pump blood faster, which in turn will move the blood around the body faster and more efficiency. This creates a stronger heart, and it will reduce the risk for a heart attack or a stroke. You’ll be able to work out longer and you will be able to maintain a better heart rate as well.

Don’t let heart disease become a part of your life, and beat it with running so that you can lower your blood pressure greatly.


Improve Mood

We all go through bad moods. Moods can change drastically, and often, if we have a bad day, the last thing we think about doing is running. But, running releases endorphins in the body, which is a happy hormone that will make you feel better. In turn, you will feel happier, more relaxed, and it can help you have a better mood as well. Sometimes, the real cure for a bad day isn’t sitting around eating ice cream, but rather It’s going out for a little bit and doing something about it. Even if it is only for a couple of minutes, it can release enough endorphins in the body to make you feel better.


Relieves stress

Stress is another major problem we all suffer from. Stress can be really downing, and in truth, we do suffer from it many times just in our daily lives. If you have a job that can be trying on you, you’ll need an activity to relieve it. With running, you can help make that stress wash away. For one, you will be focused on what your body is doing and on the environment, and in truth it can help you to relieve the problems that you suffer from. It can help take away any frustrations that you have, and in turn you’ll feel lighter. You’ll be focused on what you’re doing and not the zillions of other problems that you can suffer from. Instead of always worrying, take some time to run and relax, because the stress will only make you older and you won’t feel as good.


Beat Depression

Depression is another major problem that people suffer from. If you do suffer from chronic depression, you might not feel like going out to run. But, running does relieve the effects of depression. The reason of that is because you’re taking the attention off of what your body is doing, and instead you’re putting it forward and out into the environment. It doesn’t take much for you to do, and because of the endorphins, you will naturally feel happier and better as well.

Now, it might not permanently relieve the effects of it. But, if you feel like you’re about to go crazy because of your depression, it can be a great way to help you feel better.


Have Better Sleep

If you’re working out and running, naturally you’ll feel tired. Your body will want to sleep, but not only that, you’re taking your mind off other things when you start to sleep. Running can help you clear your mind, help to improve your sleeping schedule, and it can give you enough exercise to where you will sleep better. Studies have shown that with running, you will get better sleep. So you should do so, and if you can do it before bed, the results will be even better.


Confidence Booster

For many people, confidence is an issue and is hard to resolve. However, running gives you a chance to set goals for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a huge goal; maybe just going a bit further than you did before. For many people, running does improve confidence, and with setting these goals and working on them, you will feel better and feel way more confident than you have felt before. Plus, it can tone up and improve your figure, so you might even feel better because of that.


Disease preventer

Yes, running does prevent disease. In women, running can help lower your chances for breast cancer. As said before, it does help with heart disease, and it will help to decrease the risk for stroke in people. For those who have early diabetes, high blood pressure, or even osteoporosis, it can help to improve all of these, and it can help lower your chances for future problems. The arteries will

also have the elasticity that is needed to keep the heart strong, and it will reduce the chances by



Immune Booster

Your immune system is something you’ve got to take care of, and improving it can help. With running, you can improve your immune system greatly along with your cholesterol levels. In turn, you’ll have a stronger body and less chances of getting sick.


Respiratory Heath

When you are running, your lungs will grow and expand/contract in more dramatic ways to help get the breath that you need. You can improve your lung capacity, functionality, and even the use of them, and you can also help relieve symptoms of asthma to a degree if you run and build it up. It’s a good way to help you get better, and if lung health is something you struggle with, then it’s something of note that you should try out.

Running has a lot of benefits, and you’ll be able to get the most of them when you do the activity. Do this, and you’ll be a better runner than you’ll ever be in no time.


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