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starting on Your Running Journey

The biggest hurdle really isn’t running, but rather it’s the decision to run. Most people think that running is something boring, something that isn’t a fun endeavor, but that’s far from the truth. Running is a great activity, but you need to know how to start before you can get anywhere with it. This book will go over how to get started on your journey to being the best runner


Getting the Urge to Start

Now, the first hurdle you will go over, and I’m sure it won’t be easy for you but you’ll have to bear with it in order to get anywhere with running, is the desire to start.

Naturally, when you first start running your mind will think of everything that it can do besides run. You will try to make excuses, get away from it, and in general, you won’t want to do it subconsciously. Sure, you want to, but you should make sure that you dedicate time to this. Schedules will be discussed in the next chapter, but you need to have the desire to do it.

You want to have a goal in mind as well. Goals are so important when you’re starting on this journey. For one, if you don’t have a goal at all fitness-wise, you won’t get anywhere. Many people struggle with fitness activities because most of the time they’re working aimlessly with no goal. Many times, the reasons why people quit the gym, quit running, or anything of the sort, are because they don’t have any drive in their body to do this. To rectify that, you need to have a goal before you go.

This goal can be as simple as you want to lose five pounds, or you want to run for longer than an hour without running out of breath, or you’re training for a running activity such as a 5K or something of the sort. Whatever it may be, it’s on you. Choose a goal that won’t be problematic of jarring from what you want to have in life. In general, make it a realistic goal, something that won’t be super hard for you to maintain, but is enough of a challenge that you’re working to make it. You shouldn’t try to make the goal immediately be running a marathon, although you can after a while. With running, it does take some effort to really get to where you want to go with it, which is why it’s important that you keep your goal within your head and work towards it when you can. 


Dress Correct

A common thing many people who start out with running suffer from is they try to get so many things prepared for running, when in essence it requires a few things. You need to have the appropriate clothing for running, and this section will go over what you need to do, the initial clothing you should get, and some of the best choices.

Your biggest choice is shoes. Shoes can make or break a runner. I know this, because in the past I’ve bought shoes that were good for a couple of weeks, but then I started to get shin splints from this. If you buy the wrong type of shoes, you’ll run into problems. For many who start out, they tend to get the generic brands of shoes when they’re starting out. While that might work for a couple of weeks, if you’re serious about this, you’ve got to get shoes that are fitting for you.

For those who want something that supports shins, typically Asics are good. New balance is good for those who have wide feet. The Vibrams shoes are good in some cases, but they’ve been known to cause shin and knee problems in some. The best thing to do is to go to a running store and ask them to personally help you find the right shoe. Do take them for a small test drive around the store, and if they feel comfy, get them. If you have arches that are low, I suggest getting Dr. Scholl’s or an orthotic if you’re willing to pay the price. They can significantly help your arches and help to prevent shin splints or any other problems.

For clothing, you want to get what’s right for you. For women, typically the dry-fit tops, running tanks, and sports bras are good for you upper body. With a sports bra, get one that supports you. Nike bras and tops are pretty good, and usually trying them on and feeling the support of them is a good thing to start with. When it comes to bottoms, you have many choices. You can do running leggings, which are great for when they’re cold. They’re really comfy and they fit well. Shorts are also good; just get the typical running shorts or the dry-fit ones, because they feel nice. Spandex is also nice to run in as well, but be wary of this, because often people buy them too tight, and it can be uncomfortable to start.

For guys, tanks and running shirts are good. For the bottoms, running shorts, compression shorts, or spandex are great. You can also get running socks too if you want

I would say if you’re pressed for money to get some old shirts and some shorts from the store to start. They might not be the comfiest, but they work well for what you need. Also, do keep in mind that it might be cold when you run, so getting a sweatshirt or a hoodie can help. Long-sleeve tops also do the trick as well.

Finally, there are water bottles. In general, you want something thin. Typically, people like to run with water bottles in their hands, or if you are on a track, you can leave it on the track. A big one might be good in some cases, but it can be bulky to carry, so I advise leaving the bigger water bottles at home and get something small and efficient. Don’t get plastic bottles and refill them. For one, it’s not good for you, so you shouldn’t do that. Plus, it can get crinkly and gross fast.

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