Friday, 14 October 2016 23:28


Today, thousands of runners are discovering that their sport is a physical avenue to obtaining something much wider and deeper. We are talking about a harmony between body, mind, and spirit, where running becomes the means to experience a personal potential greater than one's physical self. It is a state of going beyond by pushing against our psychobiological limits and beliefs, and it has been experienced by runners long before the so-­called running boom. Well over 300 years ago, Native American warriors would cover hundreds of miles at a time and experience the wide-­open spaces of their minds.

In this final part of the journey, we will help you to add a new dimension to your running. In chapter 16, you will become inward bound and discover your personal rhythms as you run to your own inner beat for a more satisfying level of participation, a level called mastery. You will begin in chapter 17 to experience the mystical connection between your running exertion and the subsequent changes within the mind. Finally, in chapter 18 you will discover that running is indeed a heavenly dance between you and your sport, one in which you give yourself over to your natural movement, and put all aside for that sacred hour, to just play and dance the dance.

Running Within -- OmRiyadat