Wednesday, 05 October 2016 22:10

Starting your run

The first thing you should always do before starting a run is your posture stance. Use it to reconnect with the earth and to feel your Column in place. Hold it until you have a clear sense of your Column from head to foot, then shake out your lower legs before you take your first step. Start off at a very easy pace—so easy, in fact, that your breath rate doesn't increase. I'm talking creepy slow, first gear with tiny steps. As you begin to run, relax your body. Keep everything as limp as possible; let your step and cadence gently shake your body. It's a little like a running massage. You're really just shaking your muscles and skeleton to take the edges off. When you feel sufficiently relaxed, start to bring the focuses into your run. The first thing to think about is your posture.

Then let your lean enter in, followed by relaxing your shoulders and swinging your arms. Last, let your feet begin doing the Wheel. After 5 minutes, you'll find yourself running along, loose and happy. As you feel more warmed up, you can increase your pace slowly until you're running comfortably at the speed you'd like. If you start off too fast, you'll use up most of your energy and have nothing left for later. Your goal should be to pace yourself so that, at the end of your run, you are pleasantly tired, not wasted.

The beginning of your run is a study of Gradual Progress, because you are starting off very small and allowing your body to increasingly relax in its motion. If your run unfolds in this way, you wil l feel better and better as you progress toward the finish. Then everything will be working in your favor: Your hips will be open and relaxed, your cadence wil l be steady, your breathing will be settled and regular, your muscles will feel used but not abused, and you'll be feeling more energized than when you started.

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