Saturday, 15 October 2016 00:11

The Value of a Good Preparation

The programme we have set out here is basically the same wherever you play in a team, whatever game your team plays. You should all work along the same lines, within the limits of your ability, building up the distance running and hill work, because you all need strength, you all need muscular endurance and you all need good oxygen uptake levels.

When we are training for athletics, we don’t introduce the specialty exercises until we get into the last 10 weeks of a training programme. Until then, the 800-metre runner does much the same conditioning work as the marathoner.

Once you’ve got the good endurance and speed and developed your aerobic capacity to exercise, you have built the nucleus of your specialty programme, whatever it is, by establishing the foundations on which you co-ordinate your specialist’s skills and by accustoming your body to do what you expect it to do on the day of competition.

If you’re going to a rugby five-eighth or a quarterback, you have to learn to move your body a yard before anyone else moves. You’re going to be a quick, short, sharp, repetitive sprinter; if you can really burst for 10 or 20 metres, you’re going to get through.

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