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The schedule of the 2017 Diamond League competitions

diamond league schedule diamond league schedule diamond league schedule

Been identified competitions Diamond League 2017 the author of the best fourteen Forum in a race track and field , and distributes these forums throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States first is in Doha on Friday, the fifth  of May and most recently in Brussels on first day of September.

Table competitions Diamond League Athletics 2017:

Doha Meeting Athletics (Qatar): FRIDAY، 5th MAY 

Shanghai Meeting (China): Saturday، 13rd MAY 

Eugene Meeting (United States): Fri-Sat ، 27th MAY

Rome Meeting ( Italy): Thursday 08th June

Oslo Meeting (Norway): Thursday 15th June

Stockholm Meeting (Sweden): Synday 18th June

Paris Meeting (France): Saturday 01st Jully

Lausanne Meeting (Switzerland): Thursday 06th Jully

London Meeting (UK): Wednesday 09th Jully

Rabat Meeting (Morocco): Sunday 16th Jully

Monaco Meeting (France): Firday 21st Jully

Birmingham Meeting (Great Britain): 20th August

Zurich Meeting Athletics  (Switzerland): Thursday 24th August

Brussels Meeting Athletics  (Belgium): Friday 1st September

and noteworthy The last Meeting Was Added to Diamond League Is International Mohammed VI Meeting The 2016 .

And Recently IAAF Has decided to change a Points System.

The league diamond comes replace the Golden League since the 2010, as the Golden League adopted since the 1995 and was won runner or runners who occupy the first rank in all the races, or the ten competitions set by the International Federation, a financial prize of US $ 40 thousand and shield Massey stunning.

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